Podcast Episode 003 with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete

no meat athlete

We at One Whole Step sat down with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete for a glimpse into the work he is doing in focusing upon plant based nutrition as a way of engaging endurance athletics.  Being a marathoner and ultramarathoner himself, Matt was more than happy to share the stories of his journey and the various ways he is connecting with people all across the country.   Immediately below is the podcast episode and then further below are some of the issues we discussed in the podcast and a variety of ways to connect with Matt and with One Whole Step.

This particular podcast is brought to you by Greene Multisport, the only fitness company in the Seattle, Washington area working from a plant based perspective.  Connect with Greene Multisport at http://www.greenemultisport.com.

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Podcast Episode 003 with Matt Frazier covered a variety of topics including:

* The aim of his 40 city tour and his hope of connecting with fellow plant eaters

*How he got into running and vegan/vegetarianism as an athlete

*The origins of the nomeatathlete.com website and blog

*A recounting of his first marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and running both 50 and 100 milers

*Living in Asheville, NC…..including telling us of the great restaurant “Plant.”  Check out the restaurant site at http://www.plantisfood.com

*The origins of the book and what we as the reader can expect from its content

*Who he takes inspiration from.

*What we can expect from Matt in the future and what he is looking forward to…..qualifying for Boston again is one of them!!!

We at One Whole Step would like to thank Matt for his willingness to share in this podcast.  We wish him nothing but success as he travels the country sharing his story and his book.  We will be keeping an eye out for your continued journey, Matt.  You can connect with Matt in a variety of ways:


Like his page on Facebook under No Meat Athlete

Follow him on Twitter @NoMeatAthlete


For our regular followers, please do keep in touch and look for our up and coming podcasts at the end of the month as we welcome special guests, author of the book “Running Ransom Road,” Caleb Daniloff, and the author of the best selling book “Finding Ultra,” ultra endurance professional athlete, Rich Roll.

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Be Whole, dear friends,

Chad and Danielle

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